Let’s start the FUN for Discover with 15% off Fun Lemon Lime boxes. 

Now through Sept. 24th, 2020


Energy and sports drinks are nearly as popular as water, especially when it comes to working out. But while many of these sugary drinks are marketed as healthy, a lot of them can have a negative effect on your body rather than improving your athletic performance.

Instead, achieve peak performance and healthy exercise recovery with Yoli’s Fun. Fun uses Alkalete™, a patented blend designed to promote a healthy body pH, and Enduramin™, a proprietary blend of electrolytes, to promote faster recovery from physical exertion. Fun is sugar-free, caffeine-free, and low in calories, making it a perfect way to stay hydrated during and after your workouts.


Packets (1-35 ct. Box)
Wholesale ₱1,700
Retail ₱1,900
CV 25