With a new season approaching, it’s time to plan some fun things to do! But, this year is a little different than others, so you might not be sure how to celebrate autumn. Today we’ll be talking about some fun, family activities you can do this fall, while also staying safe! Keep reading to check them out.


If you and your significant other have been stuck inside for too long, the cooler fall weather might be a great time to get out! Get some warmer clothes on and head outside for a picnic. Whether it’s in your backyard, the forest, or a local park far from everyone else, a healthy picnic is bound to be a lot of fun. Mix up a healthy squash dish, or treat yourself to a warm and creamy soup. 

Then, you can go on a walk, watch a movie, or even go to a pumpkin patch! There are still a lot of fun fall-themed activities to do. Just remember to wear a mask, wash and sanitize your hands, and stay home if you’re feeling sick. And, if you need an extra immunity boost, try using Truth or Defend

If leaving the house isn’t an option, find ways to connect with each other at home. Sometimes a board game and hot apple cider are everything you need to feel warm and more connected than ever.


If you want some fun things to do with the kiddos, we’ve got some great ideas! If going to a pumpkin patch or apple orchard isn’t an option, there’s always things to do at home. Pick up some pumpkins from your farmer’s market or grocery store and get carving! You can even carve apples, if you have older kids who want more of a challenge. Just make sure to be careful with any sharp objects you use.

Once your carving is done, you can make some yummy fall snacks. Use the pumpkin seeds to try some new spice combinations and enjoy a healthy snack. Draw some jack-o-lantern faces on oranges with a non-toxic, washable marker for a fun treat. Dig through your favorite recipe blog and see what recipes they have that the kids will enjoy! Make the most of the new season and try something you’ve always wanted to.


We at Yoli are big fans of bucket lists. While everyone should have one for what they want to accomplish throughout their entire life, you can create a bucket list of things you want to do before the season is over! The start of a new season is always a great time to try something new. Whether it’s a recipe, a hobby, or even seeing a new movie, you never know what checking off your fall bucket list will do for your future traditions.

Happy fall, Yoli Nation! For more seasonal ideas, subscribe to the blog and check out our Facebook page!